2018 Conclusion

Posted by Jerry on December 30, 2018

2018 is coming to an end, I may write some things which happened in 2018. I experienced a lot this year.

In March and April, I prepared for job hunt, because I would graduate from school in 2019. I sent my resume to many companies, like Alibaba, Tencent, Microsoft and etc. At first, I preferred to work at Aliware in Alibaba, especially the RocketMQ team, because I like to pursue the high performance of software and perfect software architecture, As I known, the RocketMQ team is very awesome in Alibaba. To prepare the interview, I read the whole source code about RocketMQ and other knowledge for Java, Distributed theory and etc. I passed the first round interview successfully, but I failed the second round. The interviewer who I guessed is the team leader of the RocketMQ team asked me a lot the foundation of computer science. For him, I think, payed a lot attention on the foundation knowledge of a graduated students. Until now, I still clearly remember the question: How a Hello World program runs? And I still feel some regrets, because I hadn’t fully presented my strength. For Microsoft, a foreign company, which focuses more on the algorithm ability. But for me, I practiced so little that I failed again. Finally, I successfully got the intern offer from Tencent. So anyway, I had not encountered much trouble when I was finding job.

In May, June, July and October, I worked at Tenpay in Tencent as an intern. My job was to improve the storage and query performance for the Bank Monitor System. We chose ElasticSearch to replace the traditional Mysql storage. I did a lot research on ES, including Lucene which is the core component in ES, the architecture of ES, the query/write procedure and we tried to improve the query performance as much as possible. I want to thank to my mentor JK, he helped me a lot during that time and we solved many problems together. Maybe because of my work pleased my leader, I finally got the the offer. Next year, I would be a truly staff in Tencent.

Apart from work, I made new friends with Jency, Harry, Tony, Xiaochun, Jiangbo, Yalin in Shenzhen. Although we come from different university, major in different subjects, we built a great relationship there. We traveled to a lot places, like Guangzhou, HongKong and etc. We cook, watched films, lived together. I am very very grateful to these guys. You made me not feel lonely in Shenzhen, which city I have lived farthest from my hometown.

When I finished my intern in Tencent, I came back to the university to prepare my final dissertation. OMG, it’s a really painful phase, because I was always learning the software engineer related knowledge during my school life. But my dissertation research direction is about page sampling, a machine learning field. I had to learn ML and read many papers about page sampling. Until now, I am still not satisfied with my dissertation. I always think the key points in my dissertation is too easy. I should improve recently. Wish I would achieve my master degree successfully.

In addition, which makes me happy in 2018 is I find myself being interested in books gradually. Apart books about CS, I have read 20 books this year, such as psychology, emotion, love, success and etc. The more I see, the less I known for sure.

All in all, I experienced a lot in 2018, this may be something called growth.

In 2019, a better Jerry is on the road……


wrote at ZJU on 2018.12.19